Would you like to boost the profit your website generate?

Do you struggle to attract website users to buy your products and services?


You’re not alone.


Ensuring a website generates profits from its visitors is critical for any business.

But competitors are tough to outrank on the first page of Google and sites often don’t attract enough visitors or those who actually buy.  Do you wonder if the content of your site is actually good enough to generate real profit?


And that’s exactly what Francesco Baldini aims to do.

As an SEO expert he offers Consulting and Strategy services, Coaching sessions, SEO Audits to support new and established businesses generate profit from their website’ organic traffic.


You can work with him to:

  • Generate leads and sales with a tailored SEO Strategy
  • Inspire your website readers to buy your products and services
  • Open your website to new opportunities for attracting potential clients
  • Train your team to generate results from organic traffic
  • Become an authority
Francesco's knowledge and understanding of SEO is deep and comprehensive. He explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and he approaches SEO from multiple angles - from creating content to optimising the backend of your site, to how your site is structured, how google reads all of this and how to make improvements. From working with him I have a clear plan for going forward and I know how to create everything I do so that building traffic and getting the conversions I want is a matter of following a step-by-step process. Thank you Francesco!
Francesco is a professional with a large experience in SEO and online marketing. With Francesco, I have discovered online competitors I was not even aware of. You'll see that talking with Francesco you are squeezing 15 years of SEO expertise. Francesco also gave me several tips on how to leverage on link building, something I have always undervalued, which instead proved to be very effective. I strongly suggest to anybody that is currently working on a marketing strategy to get in touch with Francesco because wherever you are now he can help you reach your next goal online.

About Francesco

Francesco Baldini

Francesco Baldini is an SEO expert professional with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. During this time Francesco helped a number of businesses to optimise and increase their visibility and sales. Francesco currently supports his clients to grow across SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, generating organic traffic to his clients’ websites.

It began in 1994
When watching a TV documentary about a computer’s network where hospitals, universities and research institutions were connected across a worldwide system to make their data accessible to each other. In 1995 Francesco bought a CD-Rom format course to learn HTML language so that he could develop public web pages.

From a Curiosity to a Job
In 1999 Francesco collaborated with an agency in Florence, Italy where he developed websites for local businesses willing to go ‘on the Internet’.

The Internet Backstage
But developing websites was not enough, so Francesco worked for a few years as GNU/Linux System Administrator (Debian, Slackware, custom distros and then Ubuntu, for the reading nerds). This made him aware of the “hidden” side of the web.

The Work and the Inspiration
A few years later Francesco developed a number of websites with plain HTML and the early version of Content Management System platforms. He then started studying digital marketing, to increase website audiences and visibility.

The Switch. And Today
With a breadth of experience through freelancing, training others in digital marketing, and working with international eight-figure companies and agencies, Francesco is now an SEO in the United Kingdom. As an SEO professional, his job is to help domestic and international companies to grow with his Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultancy. He collaborates with Javelin Group, a Dublin based agency.

If you are looking to get in touch with Francesco, you can contact him at info@betakrea.net. You can also follow Francesco on Twitter.