About Francesco Baldini

SEO Consultant, business owner, ex-pat and father, helping clients around the world to grow their business and bottom line. Based in Chester, UK.

My journey started way back in 1994. The Internet was just starting to gain momentum as a commercial tool and I was excited and determined to be a part of it. An HTML course and subscription to a local Internet provider later and I was working for a web design company.

Francesco Baldini

Not content with sitting still, I taught myself WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and learned how to develop and design websites. It wasn’t long before I started to notice how digital marketing and SEO was essential to the success of these websites and the rest, as they say, is history.

My experience as an SEO Consultant has taken me all over the world, from working for a large NGO in Toronto to capitalising on my SEO skills in Dublin. I’m passionate about growing my skills and using my expertise to help businesses realise their full potential.

Today, I live with my wife and family in Chester, UK, and offer freelance SEO consulting services to clients all over the world.

Writing and Mentions

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Bright Marketer Podcast

I’m author of the Bright Marketer Podcast.

Bright Marketer Podcast
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