A brand new blog

A few days ago, after a few years, I restarted my blog. From scratch.

That’s the way I want to use this nine years old domain name. A domain name that followed me during a ten years journey.

A truly diverse period for several aspects I couldn’t have imagined if I’d have been told. Different countries, different languages, many people in the middle, and many experiences which brought me to be who and what I am now. Personally and professionally.

I met many great individuals and faced different situations that made deeply change my mindset and my life.

With my writing, I’d like to help those who will take the time to interrupt what they’re doing to spend a few minutes of their life to with my writings.

I’d like you to think this as an investment.

I live in Dublin, Ireland. Drop me a line, reach me out on Twitter or add me on LinkedIn. Do it now, please.

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