Categorization & Monetization opportunities

SEO Site Audit for, an Irish media website reviewing tech products.

This review is based on recommendations the site owner(s) can actually implement.

The site wants to compete against bigger players. It’s important to provide a better user experience, large room for improvement from this point of view.

Who’s behind the site?
It’s not clear who or what is behind the site. There is not an “about us” page showing expertise for reviewing products or comment news.
This element is important for users, and it provides Google elements to award the site against competitors.

Articles are assigned to several categories, but it’s hard to reach categories within the site or with a Google search.
Tags are also another opportunity. Currently, all tags are no-index, meaning that they suggest search engines not be shown in their results. If well managed the site can focus tags on specific areas (i.e.: brands, frequent topics).

Site speed
CWV (Core Web Vitals) in GSC doesn’t show great performance. Site speed definitely needs to be improved

With most of the traffic from Mobile, a large number of ads are shown only at the bottom of the page. To increase revenue, they should be shown within shorter pages as well.
Affiliate links to Amazon should be improved to help users click on specific CTAs, current affiliate links are managed as editorial.

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