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SEO Site Audit for The EnAccess Foundation, that funds open source technology, plans, and ideas for energy access.

This review is based on recommendations the site owner(s) can actually implement.

First overview
The home page is a bit too flashy, especially as it moves most of the important content above the fold.
The site as a whole does not focus on a defined audience, and it is often not clear who you are targeting.
The home page also includes a Call To Action (“Submit today”) but does not do anything to reassure users that they landed in the right place. “We work with sector builders” should drive users to a relevant page where you explain how you can help “sector builders”.
The site is a bit too generic, especially when it refers to the target audience it wants to focus on, organisations looking for funding? developers looking for solutions or support? Both? Other?
My view is that users land on the site and apply for funding only when they already know the EnAccess.

Design & UX
The design is very clean, it is a pleasure to navigate through the website but, as mentioned, it’s difficult to identify who the target audience is.

Because of the animation, there is an issue with the menu with some elements that can’t be reached.

Photo of the board members would be helpful to increase trust.

The “About” page is very broad and provides multiple messages: while an email address is important I’d facilitate users with a contact form. The newsletter box stands out, but it focuses on EnAccess recruiting new employees or new projects, which attract very different audiences, that are also different from the one you want to attract.

It is not clear what the “Users” page represents.

Projects within the “Materials” should be more focused on the audience they are targeting.

The “Submit” page should be expanded with specific and relevant pages for each audience.

Sitemaps show a large number of pages compared to the ones published. With deeper analysis, I identified that most of them are probably from an older version of the site but still published.

An important element to underline is that the blog section is managed by Medium(.com). This brings benefits of content creation, backlinks and other content related elements to a 3rd party platform. This must be changed as soon as possible.

As mentioned above, people landing on the site should already know what they’re looking for.
It is not very easy to understand what the site is about, and who is the best audience.
Pages’ Title tags are focused on internal language, or generic elements (i.e.: Survey Toolkit, Cicada). It’s very difficult to identify the topic if you don’t already know the Foundation.

From a technical perspective, many of the most important pages are canonicalised towards a page that does not exist anymore. This means that a signal is provided to search engines asking them to not index the page but use a non-existent page as the main reference.

Apart from the brand name and board members, the site ranks for a very limited number of terms, often unrelated to the goal of the site.
A few pdf files rank as templates too.
There is a missing opportunity in acquiring leads with content, which can potentially be one of the main elements to consider for lead generation.

Uses cases and applications
Uses cases content can be a traffic driver for your audience. Identifying what organisations are looking for funding or technical elements from a dev team standpoint.

The main priority the site should be focusing on is audience definition, keyword research and technical fixes. These three elements can significantly help to achieve the site’s lead generation activities.
My advice is to work with someone who specialised in SEO and is able to focus on the above-mentioned elements.

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