Italian Keyword Research Service for SEO

 If you want your product, and or services, to be found by potential customers it is essential to target the right keywords. When expanding into a foreign market, with a potentially different culture and language, localisation is imperative.Planning website content necessitates knowing which keywords are important to potential customers, in each country, in their language.

My name is Francesco Baldini and I’m an Italian-born SEO Consultant who has a wide breadth of experience of both Italian and English projects.
As a native Italian speaker living in an English speaking country, I can utilise my unique knowledge of different cultures and languages to assist clients with keyword research. I know the Italian market and its dynamics in terms of language, common sayings, business-related terms and cultural habits which are essential for localising keyword research.

How do I work

I will utilise the following steps to geo-localise your keyword research.

  1. Site review: Analysis of your current website, content, products and services to improve understanding of the needs of you and your customers.
  2. Competitor review: An analysis of competitors to assess their topic and keyword ranking thereby highlight potential business areas to target.
  3. Segmentation: Split keywords and topics into different sets, according to the previous reviews
  4. Reporting: A report with the outcome of the localised keyword research will be provided
  5. Consultation: After the keyword report to understand the WHYs and HOWs, with a native speaker approach
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