Are you a business owner? Do you have a website? If so, can you answer the following questions about your website?
How is your website traffic?

Do you know what keywords you perform on and how you rank for them? If so has your ranking changed recently?
What is the speed of your website, and how does it compare to your competitors?
Are your potential clients leaving your main commercial pages too soon?
What prevents your website from performing optimally?

The quality of a website is imperative for any business’ success and my SEO Audit service will assess the current status of yours along with reviewing its performance in search engines. The main objective is to increase your website’s organic visibility on search engines, and is part of your SEO Strategy.

This will include:
Recommendations to improve your website’s functionality.
Understanding the users landing on your site, what they are looking for versus what you are providing them, and how you can improve this.
A technical audit.
Review of content
Review of backlinks
An actionable report with the findings and the top priorities to improve your website.

With an SEO Audit you can:

  • Identify technical problems that may be limiting your site’s visibility in search engines
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Have a better understanding of your website health
  • Understand your current backlink profile
  • Increase rankings for the most important keywords for your business
  • Increase targeted organic search traffic to your website and conversions (sales, leads, subscribers, etc)
  • Figure out how search engines see your website