I love helping businesses grow through generating leads and sales, and increasing visibility through organic traffic.

Over the last 10 years I’ve been lucky to work on SEO campaigns of different from a one man show to internationally recognised brands.
My SEO coaching is tailored to your needs and can be a one-off, ongoing, in person or online. It will be focused to help you learn more about your website in terms of visibility, potential and enhancements.

If you have questions like those listed below I can help you:
What kind of content improvements my website needs?
Should my website be improved form a technical point of view?
What kind of backlinks should I acquire and how?
I get traffic but I don't get any conversion, what's the problem?
I'd like to work on the site myself, what should I do?
Which are the top priorities my team should focus on and improve?
Do I need a proper SEO work?
What does a potential SEO partner help me with?
What kind of work an SEO partner would help me with?
What type of SEO Consultant should I hire?

With SEO Coaching:
You will get clarity and tasks to perform afterwards.
I will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your website that will comprise history, aims and target which we will review together. I will then provide advice on improving your website in terms of SEO functioning.

Others topics I can focus on include:

  • A general overview of SEO
  • What’s important from a site perspective
  • Data architecture
  • Content strategies
  • Technical aspects
  • The importance of backlinks