Freelance Lead Gen SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing
Expertise to target your traffic flow and turn visitors into revenue
SEO audits to unveil opportunities
SEO strategy that turns your website into a powerful lead generation tool
Expertise in WordPress and custom-made CMS software
Francesco Baldini

Any questions? Contact me at [email protected]

What Can A Freelance SEO Consultant Do For You?

Common scenarios where I deliver successful projects:

  1. You need an SEO strategy that generates more prospects and conversions
  2. You want to scale the lead acquisition process through organic traffic
  3. Your website needs an SEO audit to fix potential technical issues
  4. You want to diversify your acquisition channels
  5. You are launching a new website and need it optimised for organic growth
  6. Your competitors are overtaking you on Google
  7. You want to boost brand awareness and credibility
  8. You need a content refresh to ensure content is consistent and relevant
  9. You need an SEO expert to work alongside your content team or web designers

If one of these situations describes your needs, you’re in the right place. You can hire me to help today.

Why Hire Francesco Baldini As Your Freelance SEO Consultant?

Tap into 10+ years of digital marketing experience
Visitors are not contacting you or buying from you
You need a comprehensive SEO audit
You need an expert to formulate and execute your SEO strategy
You need an SEO strategy aligned with your business goals and resources
You need an SEO Consultant with global expertise
You need a targeted keyword strategy that attracts more prospects

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