SEO Strategy

Whether you are a small business, a start-up or a brand you will want to improve sales and revenue, gain new leads, enhance your brand, scale-up and evolve.

With good SEO input you can increase website traffic and subsequently income. To do so, you need a clear strategy to attract more visitors that become customers.
This is the essence of my top-level service that will help to exponentially grow your business through increased organic traffic, search engine and client visibility.

My SEO strategy consulting is targeted, ongoing, and starts at the beginning by assessing the themes listed below to build you a unique blueprint for your business:

To accomplish my goals do I need to rank for highly competitive keywords or more specific long tail terms?
Can I compete with bigger competitors or niche down?
Should I focus on content creation or improvement?
Does my website target my potential clients?

Through working on your SEO strategy with me you will:

  • Understand your business. This is the essential first phase of my SEO Strategy plan.
  • Website analysis. To provide an in-depth review of your website to find ‘quick wins’ and repair flaws.
  • Competitive analysis. To lead in your field you must assess and analyse direct and indirect competitors.
  • Keyword research. This encompasses keywords to rank for, targeting new topics and terms to ensure you gain targeted traffic and authority.
  • SEO action plan. We will work together on your website to achieve your business goals.

My SEO strategy consulting will increase website traffic, enhance search engine visibility to help you increase revenue.

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